Who Is Derrick J. Wilson?


A Husband.  A Father.  A Businessman.  A Community Advocate.

Derrick J. Wilson was born in Houston, Texas, and educated in the vast Houston Independent School District where he graduated from Westbury High School. Afterward, he studied Political Science at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. Derrick and his wife, Maria Wilson, have been married for 13 years and remain united as they raise their two children and nephew. 

As a serial entrepreneur, Derrick diverged into the janitorial industry in 2008. His hard work and dedication to provide for his family have allowed him to hold positions such as Franchise Owner, Branch Manager, Director of Business Development, and currently, Senior Account Manager at Guardian Facility Management. In addition to janitorial [services], his endeavors included owning a U-Haul Dealership and currently the majority owner of Guardian Financial Services, Inc., a tax preparation and bookkeeping company. Derrick is also a licensed insurance adjuster and board member of the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Authority., representing District 3. 

Outside of his professional ventures, Derrick J. Wilson is active within his community. From hosting food and school supply drives to picking up trash in the community, Derrick has participated with several service organizations. He has also held positions and/or membership within the Gwinnett NAACP, Black Caucus to the Young Democrats of Georgia, and is currently seated as Treasurer at the Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce. Derrick has seen the lack of resources available to those in marginalized communities and has positioned himself to be an advocate and voice for change.

Derrick lives in this community.

Derrick works in this community.

Derrick J. Wilson is working with you to improve your daily livelihood.

Derrick J. Wilson is working WITH you